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Menu Holders

Menu holders and covers come in a range of forms, with card holders and full covers in leather, acrylic, plastic, metal and more.

Buying the right types of menu holders is a necessity for any restaurant, because it’s likely that yours are going to be taking a beating.  Whether it’s the spills and stains that can occur with regular use by hundreds of customers throughout the week, or even just the age of the paper that you’ve used for the design, menus just aren’t meant to last.  But with the right type of holder you can ensure that they are just as durable as anything else in the restaurant, so they are going to survive a lot of use. All you have to do is buy the right style of menu holders that are perfect for your location, as there are a lot of choices out there.

When you’re after the perfect holder, you’re going to find that they are all of about the same type of construction, to make them easy to use in the long term.  They all feature study plastic casing, in which you can easily slip your actual menu card, so that you have something that’s simple for customers to use, and that’s easy for wait staff to hand out.  What’s more, they come in all different sizes as well, so whether you have a hearty one page menu, or one that features a massive selection, you can ensure that you have just what you need to fit all of your entrees inside.

Of course you also want to think about the style of the menu holders you choose so that they are in keeping with the design of your business.  Being flashy enough to attract a lot of repeat business can be important to any restaurant, so that you can ensure you’re able to captivate and hold the attention of your customers.  That means you want to buy the right type, that feature stylish leather-bound borders to really give them a classy edge.  That way your eatery just feels that much more complete, which is something that customers really expect when they’re looking for the complete dining experience.

But beyond just the menu holders that actually go to the tables, you can also find those that are really convenient for displaying your menu in other places as well.  You can buy those that feature acrylic construction, and that can be made to stick out straight up from a surface.  This way you can have space on tables for smaller menus, like your drink menu.  Or you can also display the full menu at the from of the restaurant in this way, so that people can really get an idea of what they want before they even sit down to look at the standard menu.

You can buy menu holders like these just about anywhere also, as they can be common needs for just about every business.  Ordering through retailers like for example, ensures that you can choose from all different styles and sizes, so that you can get the perfect look for your business.  With the right menu holders you really complete the experience nicely, which is so essential for ensuring you have the complete restaurant appearance.