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Napkin Holders

Napkin ring holders are a wonderful decorative piece and look great in all settings.

Napkin holders are not something usually thought of when getting some kitchen accessories together. Toasters, popcorn poppers, blenders, mixers and all types of cutlery items are purchased with no thought at all. Napkin holders are quite often an afterthought in most cases, and that is why they make a great wedding present.

You have seen a wedding couple get a lot of duplicate presents. A lot of people will get the lucky couple a toaster. You will see duplicate toaster presents, but have you ever seen duplicate napkin holders?

Napkin holders are a great device that no home should be without. They are built to sandwich napkins together and can be made of almost any type of material. You can find them in ceramic, wrought iron, wood and stainless steel. They can be purchased to be a functional item, or as decorative piece with a purpose.

You can get napkin holders in a variety of styles. There are holders that hold the napkins horizontally, and some that are designed vertically. Vertical napkin holders take up less space than their horizontal counterparts, put it is easier to remove the napkins from the ones that lay flat.

With a vertical holder the ends are made to be the same size and shape to hold the napkins tightly between them. A horizontal holder lays flat and the bottom is roughly the same size as a napkin. It can be open at the top and have a weight that holds the napkins down. If the top is open then the napkins are secured by the edges.

Your choice of which holder you choose should be based on price, space and decor of the kitchen. Most napkin holders will last many years, so you can base your preference on the style and material it is made from. You can look at some styles online, or at your local department store.

Amazon has a beautiful wooden napkin holder that is made by Lipper. It is part of their Bamboo Collection and is adjustable to hold small or large amounts of napkins. It is a bamboo color, water resistant and priced at a reasonable 12.99.

If you are looking for a nice ceramic holder, then take a look at the beautiful white one offered by Touch of Europe. It is pure white, with a simple yet elegant design and sits horizontally on the table or counter. It is priced at 12.99 as well at

To add some extra decoration to your table, you can purchase napkins with a picture or design on them and showcase them with a simple horizontal napkin holder. You can order very decorative napkins online, or visit a wedding or party store in your area.

Napkin holders serve a useful function in the kitchen, but they can also add a touch of class. You can have them as a simple functional item for storing napkins, or have them as a decorative accessory used at both formal and informal gatherings.